Heleni Mukhwevho

Heleni Mukhwevho

I ask very earnestly never to stop the embroidery project

This embroidery project really changed my life. Life was an uphill battle for me.

Now I will make a list of all the things to show how my life changed:

1)  I am poor and I have many children. There was always a shortage of mealiemeal. We never had enough to eat.

2)  I never had enough soap for washing ourselves and our clothes.

3)  Then the embroidery project started, I received squares of black cloth to embroider. As soon as I finished these embroideries I received money. I say, “Thank you very much.”

4)  I say thank you because me and my children can eat regularly

5)  I also say thank you because we can wash ourselves and we can wash our clothes.

6)  I ask very earnestly never to stop the embroidery project. Please carry on with this project until I am old, by then I will be a very, very good embroiderer.

This is all news that I have and my name is Heleni

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